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Beata Alfoldi

Here’s a woman who is clearly doing work that lights her up. I fell in love with her joy, wisdom and clarity. I believe you will, as well. She’s one of the most radiant Souls I’ve ever met. When you learn about the extended crisis she experienced and how she transformed her darkness into gold with grace and grit, I know you’ll be inspired and moved to use some of the tools she offers to transform your life, too. 

Nancy Hillis

I consider Nancy to be a Life Artist. She weaves painting and a rare type of psychology together to help you create a deep discovery of who you are and what you most deeply desire. Even if you feel that you’re lacking passion right now, I assure you that you’ll walk away from this with a tingling in your heart, an opening in your Soul and a renewed passion to discover your perfect work.

Dan Waldschmidt

If you battle inertia, stuck-ness and depression... Here’s a man on a mission I’m excited for you to meet. He regularly paves a path through the darkness to find the light. I believe you’ll be as inspired by him as I am. I know that you’re going to be empowered by his story and the transformational tools he offers on the show for becoming a winner at finding your purpose. 

Amanda Rootsey

Through her holistic training school, Shine From Within, Amanda has helped thousands of teens and tweens to develop their confidence and now trains adults around the world to be inspiring youth mentors through her award-winning online Youth Mentor Training. Please join us to hear Amanda share how gentleness and self care can become your path to your purpose. 

Elizabeth de Moraes

If you gave yourself full permission to be, do and have what you most desire, what would that look like? Elizabeth de Moraes asked herself this question and she’s turned every part of her life around. This is an invitation for you to do the same.

Kenji Kumara

A wise man once said... keep it simple. Meet Kenji Kumara! He’s a true wise man. He’s also humble. Super smart. And (fun)ny. Kenji keeps things simple. He calls himself “an ordinary man making a difference in the world”. Join us! It’s time for all of us to activate into our purpose and Kenji is the perfect, playful Soul to guide us! 

Sheila Gale

Sheila Gale has a 10-second practice that changed her life and I say this with all sincerity; if you practice this, it can change yours, too. 10 seconds. You’ve got this! Sheila went from burn out to being on Fire for life. She is totally Lit From Within. Our “INNERview” is going to be fun.

Shazia Imam

Conventional self help teaches us to track the externals, such as how fast we nail goals, how long it takes to lose pounds, how often we look at Jeff Goldblum memes. There’s very little encouragement or focus placed on tracking and celebrating True Transformation in our fast, chaotic, external culture. With True Transformation, you forgive the seemingly unforgivable, overcome the seemingly overcome-able, tune in to your Soul-Source and experience your intuition more frequently, feel more love, more joy, more bliss... just for being YOU.

Carey Tompkins

Calling is our sense of purpose and passion is the fuel for it! Let’s get fueled up! I’d love for you to meet the wise and illuminating Carey Tompkins! Carey shares how PASSION IS THE NEURAL PATHWAY between our brain and our Soul! I love how she found her way in the world despite the challenges that she faced and how she empowers others to do the same. As a therapist who specializes in “attachment” treatment, she supports people to understand how attachment disruptions can impact how we see ourselves in relationship to others throughout our lives. If you find it difficult to connect deeply with yourself and others, I know you’ll discover a lot of gold in her wisdom and experience.

Alexis Bonavitacola

I’m so excited for you to hear the astonishing story of this passionate force of nature who will inspire you to defy the challenges you have in your life and give you the specific steps she took to recover from a major setback and reinvent her work and her life. 


Lisa Fraley

If you feel like your work is what you’re meant to do, but the way you do it is no longer satisfying, then you’ll appreciate hearing how Lisa transitioned from the mahogany covered walls of a conservative law firm to starting her own practice and incorporating Love and Spirituality into law. 

Courtney Long

With the help of Sacred Sexuality, Courtney has overcome health issues, burnout, workaholism, body image issues, depression, and anxiety. She has manifested a spiritually fulfilling business, romantic relationships, financial abundance, and a life of joy. Now, she’s sharing how you can do this, too.

Sarah Grear

Sarah Grear simplifies the steps to finding your purpose and doing your perfect work - in your most desirable way. Sarah lives a life in which her work supports her. 
What’s most desirable to Sarah is to take 4 months off each year. So, she took the steps to make that happen. 

Udana Power

If you’ve ever felt hopeless about changing your life, Udana Power has a practical process to help you turn things around. It’s what she used to do that for herself. Even now at 74, Udana is Audacious and Unstoppable. She continues to learn, grow, and put herself out there in ever bolder ways in business, love, life and audaciously, with her sexuality. I think you’ll get a kick out of hearing her play full out.

Kiko Ellsworth

How to have the skills & awareness to save your life and live UR purpose! Meet my beloved pal, Kiko Ellsworth, Life Transformation Coach, creator of the ZenPowerment Way, black belt in martial arts, Emmy winning performer, and female rights advocate. He teaches women and girls Personal Protection, Self Defense & Self Expression. Today, Kiko shares his Top 3 Transformation Tools to keep you safe and help you discover your perfect work. I’ve done Kiko’s training and know this info could save your life and the lives of people you love. Here’s to your purpose and your safety, you Gorgeous Soul.

Kelly McNelis

Kelly McNelis gives herself and 10’s of 1000’s of women permission to own their voice. She encourages us to to be brilliant AND messy. Kelly’s featured in April’s O and Entrepreneur magazines, just completed her enormous annual event and she’s got 6 kids! Brilliant! Messy! It’s SUPER!

Karen Uppal

If you’d like to Soul-dive into a more deeply understanding of who you are, why you’re here and how to step into your purpose and the work that’s perfect for and meant for you to do. If you’ve prayed to know your purpose and still haven’t got a clue, have ever felt that your prayers went unheard and/or unanswered, if you’ve lost your faith in the power of prayer because you received the opposite of what you prayed for, or you don’t believe in the miracles that prayer can produce, then I invite you to listen to Karen Uppal and I share our experience of being prayer rather than speaking it.

Cynthia Kersey

Maybe you have a big dream and a purpose to do something much, much larger than yourself, but you’ve held back because you think you’re not ready or feel you’re too ill-equipped. Cynthia’s accomplishments will challenge you to move from small thinking to big vision and step-by-step action. I know you’ll be motivated and enLIGHTened by Cynthia’s story and her steps and advice for you, especially if your purpose involves achieving the seemingly impossible.

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge is what I like to call an “Original Soul”. Really. She is a BIG Wow.  Dr. Kimberly and i discuss a wide range of subjects related to purpose, passion, and your Soul’s Calling, plus she’s got a unique and clinically proven perspective on what holds people back.


Blaise Hunter

Blaise tackles the realities of issues women face and pushes back on the pressures of perfectionism. Blaise’s mission is to compel and inspire women to love themselves and breathe their passion like fire through her “Heroine” movement. She will challenge you to change your perceptions about your Self to lead a life of love and fulfillment. 

Rachel Archelaus

Like Lady Gaga’s various alter egos and David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, Rachel lets herself play with various aspects of her personality and facets of her very being.  We all have a lot to learn from Gaga, Bowie and Rachel in giving ourselves the freedom, permission and fun to play and discover new facets of our own Self to create a happier, more fulfilling life. This interview is a beautiful doorway to finding your purpose and experiencing your wild beauty.

Terri Christine

The simple steps to manifestation are just one of the super powers that Terrie Christine shares in our conversation. I love how she makes this seemingly complicated process easy and simple to understand. I love how practical Terrie is and how well she’s thought out the steps to empower us to experience, express and embody our greatness. Please join us! You’re in for a treat!

Louise Edington

There’s a science to those stars in the celestial sky above us and we’ve got a beautiful Soul who shares her Shamanic wisdom and Astrological expertise. Louise and I dive into how the stars can support and guide you to find the deep answers hidden within you.

Sean Sessel

Sean and I we blow the bull crap out of the myth that you can’t live Your purpose and make money, too. I know you’re going to get a lot out of this episode. We even talk about finding the light when you’re experiencing the darkest of darknesses, Sean’s got so much wisdom to share and I’d love for you to join us Tuesday, April 30th and learn how he takes people step by step across a bridge of transformation to their purpose.

Mairead Mac Mullan

Mairéad Mac Mullan brings her own brand of love sung straight from her heart to open your Soul. This is music of integrity, vision and passion. On tomorrow’s episode Mairead shares how she hears the callings of her Soul and how you can, too. Plus, she sings LIVE for us! Twice!

Cristo Bowers

If you’re looking for radical, permanent transformation, you may have wondered: How do I transcend my limiting beliefs and develop my vast potential? How can I acquire the ability to have future vision, rather than see only what’s right before my eyes? How do I develop my intuition and fully trust it? These are just a few of the questions that Cristo Bowers and I answer on the Lit from Within show today. Cristo is a renown clairvoyant and master teacher of energy who guides people to identify and overcome unconscious, limiting beliefs and early social conditioning to live a radically transformed life.

Roberta Cuffin

Own Your Path! That's the topic Roberta and I discuss. Plus, we go deep and the topics we dive into are controversial! Roberta unapologetically challenges your faith while helping you climb higher in your knowledge of Scripture. She uses sacred texts and wisdom from past generations to help her students gain understanding of the barriers between dimensions and find the real soul locked deep inside each one of us.